120″ Fancy IVORY Taffeta Round Petal Tablecloth


Our table covers will be perfect for any event, whether its a formal gathering or a social event. Don’t let ugly old tables ruin your vibe, simply cover them up with our tablecloths.


Round Petal Colored Circles coming together in a tablecloth sure adds a lot of energy, vibrance and beauty to what was a plain table. Once you put the table cover on the table, it transforms into a Flamingo -bright, lovely and the center of attention. Imagine how proud your guest-of-honor will be to be seated in such a well-adorned table. And if you add centerpieces, ceiling decors and all sorts of decorating supplies such balloons and bubbles, definitely no party experience can top that. And don’t forget to add in some music and festive lighting as these pleasing Flamingo Petals Tablecloths will make guests want to laugh, dance and shoot load of photos!….just like being at a vacation resort.

You don’t need to go far to create a wonderful experience. Simply bring the food and music and use our premium design tablecloth and you’ll have a 5-star experience!

Additional Information:
Diameter: Approx. 120” Round
Style: Round Circle Petals
Material: Taffeta
Edges: Serged

Used In:
* Wedding Table Decoration
* Party Table Decoration
* Outdoor Easter Decoration
* Table Setting
* Dining Table Decoration
* Easter Table Decoration
* Wedding Reception Decoration
* DIY wedding decorations
* Wedding Tables
* Table Decor
* Christmas Table Décor
* Flower Table Decoration
* Wedding Ceremony Décor
* Birthday Table Décor


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